Adam Sandler is back as Hubie Halloween with Some halloween humour


Adam Sandler never disappoints when it comes to comedy, and he has a Halloween present for us being released on the 7th of October.

In this new flick, he comes back as Hubie Halloween who you get the picture upon watching the first minute of the trailer that he is a community joke which no one takes seriously.

He is Halloween’s biggest fan and seems always to do pranks that make everyone despise him. It appears to be set up in a town which celebrates and enjoy Halloween.

Unfortunately, the only bore they have every Halloween is Hubie played by Sandler. However, in a classic Adam Sandler storytelling style, it seems like the loser becomes a hero type of tale as a real Halloween threat comes into town.

People are disappearing and being abducted by a personality not revealed in the trailer, and only Hubbie is aware of it. Unfortunately, no one believes him, so he has to be a hero and save the city.

There is more to the story and surprises we can not wait to watch when it releases on Netflix. Comedy Horror genre is something Adam Sandler tried with Hotel Transylvania an animation, which was a success. Hubbie Halloween should not be any different.


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