“Bill and Ted face the music”, Surprisingly Good.


When I watched the trailer for Bill and Ted face the music, I wasn’t that excited. I just chunked it to one of the movies with silly jokes you don’t need to watch. However, I stand corrected; Bill and Ted face the music surprisingly exceeded my expectations.

Considering it had been more than a decade since the last Bill and Ted movie, It seemed relatively easy to assume such a movie would flop as the Bill and Ted Characters played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter were now grown-ups.

The way they did Bill and Ted is quite smart, we are mostly pessimistic with the pandemic and what is going on around the world, and this movie’s optimism is quite contagious as it leaves you hopeful.

In this movie, Bill and Ted are middle-aged married men with daughters. They deal with marital issues as they go for therapy with their wives. Things take a turn as they have to go back to time traveling to save the universe.

Their quest was to visit their future selves to find out how to save the universe from extinction. They also go to collect the best musicians across time to compose the song that would save time. All this is infused with great humor. Bill and Ted was a good watch


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