Chris Hemsworth’s retirement from MCU after Thor Love and thunder


Over the weekend rumors emerged of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to retire and pass the mantle in Thor love and Thunder since Jane Foster will possess the power of Thor.

The way they set up the story lines in the MCU at least from what we can tell is the old avengers will pass mantles to a younger generation. We have already heard the rumor of Hawkeye passing the mantle to his daughter.

Ironman it is not clear who is to become the next Ironman or maybe Ironheart after Tony Stark sacrificed him self to save the universe. Most speculated it would be Spidey but that’s highly unlikely since Spidey is his own character, however, the presence of the small boy from Ironman 2 at Tony Stark’s funeral makes us suspicious. It could be him.

Back to Thor, what we do now know is Chris Hemsworth is more excited about Thor Love and Thunder than any other Thor movie. He even goes further to tell how he prefers the new script compared to the one for Thor Ragnarok. It looks like we are in for a treat, The next Thor movie’s production is to commence beginning of next year 2021 in Australia.

Chris Hemworth put to rest the rumors which had MCU fans worried that Thor love and thunder would be his last MCU movie. He is still very much excited about future movies within the Marvel Cinematic universe. We are are assured we will be seeing more of the funny charismatic God of Thunder.


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