Don’t Sleep On Raised By Wolves.


HBO is on a roll during these streaming wars; with Netflix at the throne, any real competitor needs to topple with quality content. Indeed HBO is taking that route, when we are just getting excited about Lovecraft Country, they released another hit series set to dominate, Raised by wolves.

Raised by wolves is yet another futuristic Sci-fi series with kick starts with arrival at a new planet after what seems to have been a distraction of planet earth as we know it. This novel planet had to people sampled before everyone could come and get this; they send androids named Mother and Father to raise human children on the planet as they figured how habitable.

Raised by Wolves is set to be controversial as they have infused issues of religion into the storyline. There are atheists and a faith that seems to depict Christianity. They seem to insinuate the earth’s destruction was because of religious clashes.

It might end up being one of those series you are not sure who to root for as all characters stand firmly in their causes. We will see how they deliver this first season, which started streaming on the 3rd of September.

In a world of a lot of Sci-fi TV series, ‘Raised by Wolves’ looks like its set to be one of the best.



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