Jordan Peele’s Chilling Candy Man Slightly delayed


One would think Jordan Peele would have made an excellent Comedy movies producer, but surprisingly he is excelling exceptionally well in the horror movies Genre. Ever since he surprised us with the Get Out movie Peele has been on a roll as he worked with other producers on projects like the recent hit tv series Love craft country.

The latest project from this iconic Comedian turned filmmaker Jordan peel is the remake of the Candyman movie. This tale has been told before you wouldn’t expect much, but a Jordan touch to the story will give you chills, which is what happened after watching the trailer.

The movie tells of a story of an artist called Anthony McCoy who is fascinated by the Candyman story. Anthony begins to share the tale even through his artwork. “If you say the Candyman’s name 4 times whilst staring in the mirror he will come to kill you.”
The more Anthony tells the story, the more people are attempting to try it and the bloodier it gets. The chilling opening school restroom scene from the trailer tells you this is a profound story as hell breaks loose too quickly.

The spiritual aspect of the film is felt when we start to realise that the Candyman is somehow connected to Anthony McCoy, the artist, and he is equally surprised as us the audience. This is a movie to watch out for. We can not wait to watch this movie. Unfortunately, the initially scheduled October date for the Candyman release has been postponed to 2021. We will patiently wait for this one, and it looks like it is going to be one for the books.


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