Love Guaranteed, Another Romantic Night Flick


Every now and then we all need a downtime with that special someone and you do netflix and chill. While a horror movie usually does the trick, romantic comedies are the cornerstone lol.

One of the latest movies coming to Netflix caught my eye and I remember how long it had bee since I watched something, simple, charming and entertaining at the same town. Love Guaranteed, after watching the trailer i was already sold this is going to be one of the best romantic comedies we have had in a while.

I might be biased, but I also liked it mainly because of the Hilarious Damon Wayans Jnr. He is usually a hyped up funny man but in this movie is a bit laid back taking on the role of the “Prince Charming” of the movie.

The story centers around him and a beautiful lawyer he hires played by Rachael Leigh Cook, to Sue a platform for dating. Both seem to be unlucky in love, Rachael is more introvert while Damon is outgoing though he meets all the wrong people.

The chemistry then develops between these two as they work the case. “Its not a risk to fall in love, its a risk not to”, ” The are no guarantees in love” These are some of the lines that stood out from this Trailer and made us to want to watch it more. This is a romantic comedy not to miss out. Check out the Trailer.


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