Marvel fans’ Starvation Prolonged As Black Widow Moved again


2020 may end up being the year we did not get an Marvel Cinematic Universe movie from the looks of things. Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge fan following and this year has been tough, especially for Marvel fans since we did not get the much awaited for Black widow movie.

Initially set to be released around March 2020, we have had postponement after postponement. However, knowing the quality and satisfactory level of the marvel cinematic universe movies, we are assured Black Widow will be worth the wait.

Initially, they told us due to the COVID-19 pandemic we would be getting the Black widow release would be pushed later in the year around November. Black Widow movie is pivotal as it unveils the beginning of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase four.

The latest news of Wonder Woman being released in 1984 has had rumors surfacing of Black Widow Being moved to a 2020 release date. If so this will be rather a disappointment for a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.


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