Marvel New Mutants Movie, A Set Up For The Horror Genre in MCU


Marvel New Mutants Movie, A Set Up For The Horror Genre in MCU
If there is a movie that has been postponed for the longest time, New Mutants has got to be on top of the list. The only difference is with new mutants; very few expected it to be fair, especially after the recent failures and messed timelines in the X-Men universe.

X-Men movies have had a lousy strick; the Dark Pheonix, in one opinion, can be the pinnacle of XMen universe failure. We were almost tired and did not want to hear anything to do with X-Men for a while. It made it inevitably seem like the New Mutants Movie was just set to fail. No wonder they had to keep pushing the movie release date.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, movie lovers have been starved of acceptable content as most of the anticipated movies were postponed. The timing couldn’t have been better to release The New Mutants, and yes, it worked. Taking a risk and exploring the Horror genre with this movie may have been the best thing the filmmakers did as they explored uncharted territory.

The delivery of the New mutants was excellent. Some of the New Mutants like Magic outshined the rest, and their stories were well developed that we are confident they may be making a return to the big screens. The direction they took with The New Mutants sets the marvel fans ready for movies like Doctor Strange 2 movie, which is a horror movie.

In conclusion, The New Mutants exceeded our expectations and had a vital role to play with the direction Marvel can take other movies.






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