Marvel’s New WonderVision Trailer


2020 has been a year marked with postponements and starved marvel fans. The final quarter of the year however is now promising as Marvel studios have been rolling out new trailers for the much anticipated content.

The latest being the trailer for WonderVision TV Series. The excitement has been high about this TV series after Marvel gave us a snippet in the Marvel Super Bowl AD. The new trailer even though it gives us more questions and more curiosity about the WandaVision Series Concept, they reveal new characters who we will be seeing.

It seems Wanda and Vision are living through different realities and in each reality they seem to be trying to figure out what they are going through? Who they are? Could someone be trapping them in these realities? Is this taking place in Vision’s mind as he is reminded he was dead in another scene. And who is the African girl with an afro we see in the last more realistic reality we see in the last scene could she be the bad guy?

To get  answers we can’t look further from the comics. Marvel as usual has left some clues in the trailer as to which possible storyline they are going with. In one of the first scenes in the trailer, we see a wine bottle with the words “Maison du Mepris” which means “House Of Misery, this seems like an easter egg for “House Of M”. This is a classic Marvel Comics storyline where Wanda suffers a full on psychotic break.


Answers are few but curiosity is at an all time high, we can not wait until this series starts streaming. Check out the trailer let us know what you think.


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