The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a Fun roller coaster ride


Sequels are never a walk in the park, the film makers need to go an extra mile especially for a horror comedy movie like The Babysitter: Killer Queen. With this movie they were tasked to bring back Cole (Judah Lewis) and demonic cult to terrorise our screens for the second time.

The advantage sequels like this one is the background information already exists so they do not have to do much work on laying the ground work since it already exists.

The movie is set up 2 years after the first one and Cole (Judah Lewis) was almost adjusting to being a normal kid, especially since no one believed his story of being attacked by the cult. You can tell the experience affected his confidence level as he is sort of a loner and introvert.

They made this movie as much fun as they could as it will have you laughing at every turn. Cole’s love interest takes a turn when they his crush turns out to be a part of the cult out to kill him. Cole ends up teaming up with a class new girl. The kills are hilariously funny.

It is definetly a movie you want to watch with friends for a good laugh.


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