The Boys Season 2 Episode 5 trailer that shook everyone


The boys TV Series came at a time when we were all overwhelmed by superhero movies. That perhaps contributed to it being widely accepted by fans as it explores the other side of superheroes.

The story focuses on a group of people who are out for revenge since everyone of them has a tragedy attributed to the “Supes” as Butcher would call them. It explores how corrupt and evil most of the celebrated superheroes were and makes the audience root for the Boys “Butcher’s Team” as they want to hold the “supes” accountable.

The latest trailer for this coming Friday’s episode five of season two caused quite a stir online. The trailer had to also include some humour, they had us laughing when Hughey tells the other guys he was worried about Butcher and he thought he was in trouble. When asked why he thought so his response was he sounded nice on the phone, which convinces the gang he was indeed in trouble.

If you follow the series you would understand why they thought that…Butcher is never nice. The trailer then reveals he was at a female relatives place perhaps that’s why he was well mannered. Travel follows Butcher it wasnt long till they realised Black Noir was after Butcher, it should be interesting to see how the Boys will escape the deadly “Supe”.

On to the mind blowing stuff, Homelander is exposed as a war criminal, we are not surprised the guy is a bit of an a$$. Mass protests occurred against Homelander, his need to be loved leads him to try and explain at a protest he was the good guy, but the crowd wasn’t having that. Homelander eventually loses his temper and wipes hundreds of protesters with a laser blast from his eyes.

Fans however feel its too soon in the story line for Homelander to expose his true-self like that, so the assumption to some is he was imagining it. We will wait until Friday to find out.


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