The Evolution of Thor


The Evolution of Thor

The role of Thor played by Chris Hemsworth has got to be one of the most well-developed characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We first got to know Thor when Asguard was at its pinnacle of glory, and he was just an ambitious prince.

The Evolution of Thor, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Ragnarok, Thor Love and thunder
The Thor Genesis
You can rarely mention Thor without also mentioning his mischievous brother Loki who adds weight to the story of Thor. In the first Thor movie which came after Ironman and the Incredible Hulk, Thor brought to life a fantasy most had of another planet or realm with other superior beings. It was nothing short of a fascination amongst fans as imaginations run wild.
The Thor we first got to know was rather arrogant and naive, he hungered for war and lacked wisdom which led to his father stripping him off of his power and casting him out of Asguard to earth. On earth and on a quest to retrieve his power symbolised by his hammer Mjölnir. Thor learns how to value life, how to sacrifice and gained wisdom which led him to his power being restored.

Thor the Loverboy & prodigal son
Since meeting his love interest in the first Thor, he never was the same as he longed to be with the love of his life. His sadness was so apparent in Thor Darkworld, and he would always spy on Jane. Things went terrible as Thor lost his mother and thought he lost his brother.

Due to his love obsession, Thor ends up leaving the Throne and the corresponding duty to protect the nine realms. Thanks to his brother’s trickery he thought he left his father on the Throne, yet he left Loki with the nine domains unguarded and Odin bound by Loki’s spell.

The Evolution of Thor, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Ragnarok, Thor Love and thunder
Thor Prodigal son to King Of Asguard
Throughout the Thor movies his character has always been challenged and pushed to the limit, that is why it came as a shock to the fans when Thor’s hammer was crushed easily by his sister Hela the goddess of death within the first few minutes of Thor Ragnarok.

This ended up pushing him to view and believe in himself more as he realised that he wasn’t the God of Hammers, but the god of thunder and he was the source of his power, not Mjölnir. The Ragnarok pushed him to learn to live like a slave under the Grandmaster in a place no one was concerned about his royalty.
The King in him arose wt the need to save his people from Hela grip and her plans to conquer more realms. At the end of Ragnarok, the prodigal son became King.

Thor Vengeance
The Marvel storyline almost was never kind to Thor as at the beginning of Avengers Infinity War he loses half of the very people he was just from saving from Hela to Thanos and his army. He merely escapes death but loses his best friend and brother. Now all that was left for Thor was vengeance for the slaughter of his people and needed a god killing weapon, so he got the powerful Stormbreaker.

The Evolution of Thor, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Ragnarok, Thor Love and thunder
Depressed fat Thor
We all deal with grief; differently, Avengers Endgame Thor surprised everyone as he had put on very significant weight gain from depression after losing everything to Thanos. The news of a way to reverse the Thanos effect gave Thor a chance to redeem himself and be a hero again.

What’s Next?
Since Thor signed a contract for more MCU movies, we are curious to see what they will do with his character next. From the title of the next Thor maybe, he may have his happily ever after with the love of his life Jane.




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