The Mandalorian Season 2, Coming this October “This is the way”


The last quarter of 2020 is about to take a turn for the good for movie and TV series lovers. There is just a lot of previously postponed content now scheduled for release this last quarter. The return of our favorite Star-wars spin-off story is just music to our ears.

We had really missed Baby Yoda and seeing The Mandalorian “Mando” in action. The Trailer for The Mandalorian 2 has been released and we just can not wait until it starts streaming. As the trailer begins we hear the voice of The Armorer the Female Mandalorian leader in the first season as she instructs “Mando” on what he has to do.

She tells him to reunite “Baby Yoda” with his own kind and Mando questions “you expect me to guide this Baby and deliver him to a group of enemy sorcerers”, to which she replied, “This is The way.” This is a conversation they had had on the last episode of the first season. Those instructions seem to sum up the Mandalorian’s mission in season 2. What follows is “Mando” doing what he does best, kicking a$$ and protecting “Baby Yoda”

Check out the trailer!


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