Unpregnant movie attempts to shake the moral, social construct


Unpregnant is a teen movie about a girl who finds out she was pregnant and was not ready for it. Her parents being Christian would not have allowed her to have an abortion, so she decides to reconnect with an old friend she had fallen apart with to help her with the matter.

The two underage teens embark on a journey to new Mexico for an abortion since it was the only place they would allow underage teens to have an abortion without an adult’s consent.
Like every other teen movie there a lot of fun and games along the way, there is also rekindling of an old friendship; however, one can not help notice how this film attempts to temper with the moral, social construct. It is apparent that this move takes shots at Christianity and the Pro-Life group.

The movie portrayed Christians as people looking to meddle in everyone’s business, and they did not bother to make it subtle and portray it as an art for one to interpret it, so they went ahead and chose a side for the audience and ridiculed the other. It almost seems as if this movie advocates for underage teens to get the right to chose to abort or not to.

Though it was an excellent teen movie, the notion of being pushed or pointed towards a political/social agenda wasn’t so smart of them.


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