Warrior Season Two About To get Bloodier


Warrior is a TV Series based on Jet Li’s writings set up in the past when the Chinese were coming and settling in America. it explores the gangs and triads lifestyle of Chinatown and also how they were treated by the government officials and racist groups.

What sets this series apart from any other kung fu/Martial arts movie is how it is well written,excellent action sequences and the choreography. A lot of hours have been put into its production and story development and the result is testament to that.

Cinemax recently released the trailer for the upcoming season two of Warrior to be released on the 2nd of October. Judging from the trailer the 2nd season seems like it will be more violent and bloodier than the first. in the first season they kept things safe as different gangs, the police, angry whites remained within their boundaries. From what the trailer has revealed so far those boundaries are about to be blurred as different groups clash.

The main character was a bit humble and laid back in the first season, but this coming season we may see a different Assam who is more daring and if not managed a loose canon as we hear him being told “you will bring war to Chinatown” in the trailer.



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