What to say About Lovecraft Country Episode 5?


What can I say about Lovecraft country‘s last episode. Confusingly Disturbing Yet Addictive. I have not read the book but their show had me hooked since day one. Each episode so far is far unique fro the other though they maintain the same story line.

It is like when you think you got this series figured out the next episode will prove to you you know nothing. this having to figure things out which are very unpredictable is enjoyed by us who have not read the book yet.

What stand out about this series is how interwoven the story line is with dealing with racial issues all at the same time without compromising the interesting and addictive story-line. As far as horror series go this one will freak  you out at every episode. Last episode the 5th one dealt more with what seemed to be shape shifting which also let to some rather disturbing and confusing revelations.

Ruby waking up in Del’s body a white woman who we saw in the 2nd episode guarding the tower was a mind blowing scene. Ruby at first was hysterical about what was happening to her. Ruby eventually decides to have some fun with it, what was rather disturbing was the transformation she went through as she turned from being the white woman as she would literally peel off skin and flesh to come out as ruby again.

There is a portion which helps her to change into the white woman and also maintain that. The rest of the episode Ruby explores the difference in how she was accepted as a white woman and could do what she wanted.

In a twist of events we discover that William wasn’t William he was actually a shell for Christina all along. So how are they doing this? what is being hidden in Christina’s Basement. How does the sherriff have a blackman’s tosso. There is still a lot of mystery to discover. Check out the new Lovecraft Country episode let us know what you think in the comments.


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