What you need to know about Lovecraft Country


Lovecraft Country is nothing like what we have seen before. It is both ambitious and mindblowing. The first time watching it, I had no prior knowledge of the book it is based on or what it was about, and I immediately got hooked.

Lovecraft Country is a new kind of Television show set up in the 1950s in America. The series exposes America’s racism and racial issues while it tells of a horror and adventure tale. It is centered around a young African American war veteran who comes back home and seeks to look for his missing father. He gets help from a childhood friend who they suddenly have chemistry with

It does not take long until the soldier learns his blood is of a notorious white secret society group, and then the drama unfolds. Once you are hooked to the provocative and terrifying world of Lovecraft.

The director thanked Jordan Peele for his work in the move out as she claims it paved the way for the possibility of the Love Craft Country to be filmed.





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